Cain Ullah

Cain Ullah


Cain is a Founder of Red Badger, the non-techy responsible for business operations. He's worked on lots of innovative projects - from prototype to delivery - for some very big brands. He also likes to clog up the Red Badger mailroom with a constant influx of vinyl purchases to add to his ever-increasing collection.

Recent blogs & ideas

IdeaNew ways of thinking... new ways of working

Why is there such little engagement from the procurement department during the process? The traditional set-up is run almost as if it is an external event; the outcome of which has no impact on the purchaser at all.

IdeaBuilding an eCommerce store in two days

Why doing it differently produced an innovative minimum viable product and enabled a better supplier selection process for a major UK retailer

IdeaFive ways to become more agile...

This is the second part of our series on how to create an agile customer driven business

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