David Wynne

David Wynne


Founder, developer, and lover (not a hater). David has been making stuff work really well for over 14 years, five of those at Microsoft in the UK, USA and around Europe. He has lead teams, introduced agile into organisations and loves the detail. One day David will write a novel. A really long and interesting one.

Recent blogs & ideas

IdeaIf you’re not doing Responsive Web Design, you’re doing it wrong

The world's gone mobile, are you being left behind?

IdeaThe Science of Estimating

Estimating software development is hard, but that's no reason to ignore it. What can we learn from the scientific method and how can we apply it to our projects?

IdeaThe Concept Lab: Stories From The Front

The Concept Lab has become an ever popular way of exploring and proofing big ideas and new concepts, but making it work and getting it right is far from easy.

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