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Meet Joe – The New Badger Intern

by Joe Stanton

After joining Red Badger a couple of weeks ago, I thought I should share who I am, and some of the things I’ll be working on in the near future. I’m a student at King’s College London studying Computer Science and I applied to join Red Badger a couple of months ago to gain some experience of developing real software in a company which do things the right way. Mugshot

After a friendly email exchange, I was invited to take part in a programming challenge to whittle down the number of applicants, and give the real developers (now my mentors) a feel for my experience. With a background in C#.NET and web development, combined with a passion for cutting edge technology, Red Badger are a natural fit for my current skillset and how I’d like to develop my skills in future.

My first couple of weeks have so far introduced me to how development at Red Badger works; Agile and highly creative with a strong emphasis on User Experience and Design,development starts with writing spec’s to ensure code quality, attention to detail is very important. I have also spent some time getting acquainted with the tools Red Badger use during collaborative development, such as GitHub for source control and TeamCity for Continuous Integration with integrated Unit Testing.

My main project initially will be Birdsong, Red Badger’s fantastic WP7 twitter client. This should please many of the current users, as it will be receiving a lot of care and attention over the coming weeks after a period of neglect! There are a few features in the pipeline, including support for Trending Topics (both local and global), ReadItLater/Instapaper support for tweeted links and large-scale improvements to the push service.

If you are a current user of Birdsong and have a feature request, now would be a great time to submit it to our support site at If you aren’t a current user and you own a Windows Phone, what are you waiting for!

I look forward to learning lots and adding real value to the project and any others I may be involved in in the future!


We’re Hiring (again): Talented Senior Developer Wanted

by Cain Ullah

We’re looking for an experienced developer to come and join the ranks of our lean, fast growing, tech loving, passionate and dynamic team. The projects we are working on are all innovative and cutting edge, with totally immersive, amazing front end design and UX – we just don’t do the boring stuff.

Producing software across web, mobile and cloud you’ll be working in close, multi-disciplined teams surrounded by some of the industry’s best developers, designers, UX architects and testers. Our clients (who love us) are large and well known, and this is an organisation that you will be proud to be a part of.

The Team

You will be passionate about technology. You will always strive to understand the latest and greatest, keeping a keen eye on developments in the world of software development, platforms, architecture and patterns. You will be tenacious and passionate about doing things the right way and building beautiful software. You will be interacting with clients on a weekly basis and be a great communicator.

You need to have C#.Net, HTML5 and JavaScript. Familiarities’ with leading patterns, practices, methodologies and frameworks surrounding those technologies are a must. If you’ve worked with Azure,NoSQL databases, node.js or XAML – all the better. You’ll need to be adaptable as we are always looking for better/new ways of doing things, which includes trying out new technologies.

Ideally you’ll be used to working in an Agile manner and will be familiar with Scrum and/or Kanban. You’ll enjoy pair programming, working spec first and use the IntelliJ ReSharper keyboard layout (just kidding…kinda). If you’ve previously worked in multi-disciplined teams that would be a bonus, if not – you have much to look forward to.

Creativity and passion are the key.

If you think that sounds like you and Red Badger sounds like the sort of place you want to work then get in touch. Please send your CV, Stackoverflow profile, GitHub profile, code and anything else you think we might be interested in to – we can’t wait to hear from you!