Badger Life,UX & Design Sari Griffiths

Launching Red Badger Design School

What is the Red Badger Design School and why have we launched it? To create an opportunity for all of our teams to develop their design thinking, regardless of their role. We believe this helps our cross-functional teams deliver better results for our clients and we love doing it. See the pictures here.

Delivery,Process Joe Dollar-Smirnov

Cross-functional or Dysfunctional

When it comes to delivering digital products, expertise in UCD (User Centred Design) and an understanding of how digital design works across channels and devices (as well as development) is essential. Many organisations struggle to get this team set up right. But when it’s done well, your customers are looked after, retention and acquisition increases and profit goes up.

Badger Life Tim Banks

Futurists, Technologists & Mixologists: Our office warming party

On October 19th, Red Badger hosted its first get-together in the new digs. Celebrated with friends, old colleagues, clients and industry-innovators, we proudly reflected on our accomplishments as a company these past 7 years. We also gained an insight into what the next 7 might look like..

Technology,Opinion Viktor Charypar

The end of the cloud: A truly serverless web

A new breed of peer to peer web technologies like IPFS and Blockchains is coming, that has the potential to change the internet as we know it and make the cloud and servers in general the thing of the past. But how does it all work and how can you benefit from it?

Badger Life,Opinion Tom Barwick

Interning at Red Badger

Four months into my second internship with Red Badger, I’m here to give you my opinion about what it’s really like to work here. Daily life, social experiences and free holidays. There’s a lot going on at Red Badger.

Technology Zoë Bryant

How to make an accessible address finder

Accessibility is a massive topic, and, if you are a developer who doesn't have much control over the designs, it can feel like a lot of it is out of your control.

With a few simple coding changes, we can make our features accessible. In this blog post I will walk you through how I approach making an existing feature accessible in three steps.

Technology Stuart Harris

Deploy a Microservices application as though it was a Monolith, from a Monorepo to a Microplatform...

You will know that the microservices pattern is very popular right now. For good reason, because it enables Evolutionary Architecture. Each service’s bounded context allows it to evolve on its own roadmap. This gives us great domain-based separation of concerns so we can move very quickly while being more scalable and highly available. When done properly.

Leadership,UX & Design Andreas Conradi

Consultant skill 3: Inspire divergent thinking by asking

Most management consultants hone their skills in deductive, convergent thinking. Considering pros and cons and making informed decisions. Design consultants bring another skill to the table. Divergent thinking aims to create better options in the first place, before narrowing down and making decisions in the convergent phase. It requires an empathetic, generative, and optimistic approach.

Leadership,UX & Design Andreas Conradi

Consultant skill 2: A more intentional inquiry

When a problem is initially stated, everyone assumes they understand it in the same way. That might be false because we tend to unconsciously fill the gaps with our own projections, and colour in the words with our own point of view. My aim for this article is to show how we can be more effective and intentional with our questions.