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SXSW 2017 - chatbots, wearables and Stephen Wolfram

South by Southwest is not just a single thing. It is a collection of conferences, festivals, events that consume the whole of downtown Austin, Texas. Generally, the tech events we go to are neatly contained in a singular venue, where everyone is brought to socialise and enjoy a series of talks for a reasonable duration of 1-3 days. SXSW lasts for a good week and a half, takes over the city and throws everyone into a fascinating mix of inspiration and madness.

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React Amsterdam – a few quick takeaways

This was my first React dedicated conference, and to be honest I had my reservations. There is only so much you can fit into a single topic. One day single track conf turned out to be quite diverse to keep the attention all the way. As usual I was keeping random notes from the event. All notes and ideas are originated from talks, but are not necessarily direct quotes.

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Badger Digest – April 2016

Fresh issue of Badger Digest bringing you the most discussed topics and links from our 100+ private Slack channels over the past month.

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O'Reilly Fluent 2016 – impressions and trends

Roman and Kadi and I are back from San Francisco and Fluent conference. A week-long escape into the rains and floods of California, with an extra flavour of JavaScript. This was my second Fluent conf, and it’s time to share some takeaways

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Open bank platforms for lean teams

There is a new wave of banking startups offering things that have been impossible earlier with conventional banks. Software is eating the world; disrupting existing conventions and rules. 

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Badger Digest - February 2016

There are plenty of action going on inside our internal Slack. As of moment of writing we have 100+ channels. This digest is meant to surface some of the most discussed links and topics. Everything is split by relevant channel names. Enjoy.