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Cross-functional or Dysfunctional

When it comes to delivering digital products, expertise in UCD (User Centred Design) and an understanding of how digital design works across channels and devices (as well as development) is essential. Many organisations struggle to get this team set up right. But when it’s done well, your customers are looked after, retention and acquisition increases and profit goes up.

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Strategy in San Francisco

What follows is a high level account of a recent trip to attend a masterclass for the highly popular business tool, the Business Model Canvas. This method, combined with lean startup is taught in some the world’s most respected business schools.

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Tips for keeping User Experience lean

There are a huge number of buzzwords, acronyms and trendy methods around in our great industry, the title of this article is a case in point. At Red Badger we have started to collate some of them into a glossary and we have already exceeded 20 different processes or methods for what amounts to ‘getting shit done’.