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Have you stretched your mind this week?

Everyone knows how good you feel after a workout. The positive effect movement has on mental health is well proven. Yoga specifically is being offered as a complementary treatment to psychotherapy. To me, yoga has had great impact on both my mental and physical health.

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Designing a talkative hockey puck

VUI is new territory for both developers and designers. Developers are ramping up their skills to make machines take inputs and make sense of them better, while designers work on making the interaction less mechanic

UX & Design Sinem Erdemli

Putting context in user stories with Jobs to Be Done

The Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) Framework is a powerful tool to understand customer context and innovate for success. In a market place full of distracted, unpredictable humans innovating takes more than knowing your customer demographics, you need to get into their heads and be prepared for the use of your product within the context of your customers’ lives.

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Service Blueprint for validating ideas

Today, the competition amongst online retail businesses to gain customers and to keep them happy is fierce. Running a good business requires more than just selling a high-quality product. Customers now demand excellence in their experiences and are less forgiving to issues. When it comes to gaining and retaining happy customers, businesses need to offer products/services that addresses their true needs and adds value to their lives