Delivery Michaela Dennis

From belly to brain: Turning gut feelings into explanations using Kanban

As someone who has worked in delivery for a while I have come to trust my instincts and know when certain suggestions aren’t going to help a team to deliver. But you need more than instincts to be able to explain situations clearly to your clients. Thanks to a recent Kanban training course I now have the language and solid examples backed by theory to do just that.

Delivery Lani Shamash

Delivering the Pride in London app

Since January we’ve been branding, designing and building the 2018 Pride in London app (which you can download here). It was a big deal to take on a project like this for free and involved considerable reputational risk if we didn’t deliver. So why did we chose to do it in the first place? And what did we learn along the way?

Delivery,Process Joe Dollar-Smirnov

Cross-functional or Dysfunctional

When it comes to delivering digital products, expertise in UCD (User Centred Design) and an understanding of how digital design works across channels and devices (as well as development) is essential. Many organisations struggle to get this team set up right. But when it’s done well, your customers are looked after, retention and acquisition increases and profit goes up.