Technology,Opinion Viktor Charypar

The end of the cloud: A truly serverless web

A new breed of peer to peer web technologies like IPFS and Blockchains is coming, that has the potential to change the internet as we know it and make the cloud and servers in general the thing of the past. But how does it all work and how can you benefit from it?

Badger Life,Opinion Tom Barwick

Interning at Red Badger

Four months into my second internship with Red Badger, I’m here to give you my opinion about what it’s really like to work here. Daily life, social experiences and free holidays. There’s a lot going on at Red Badger.

Opinion,Badger Life Tian Gan

A week at Red Badger

A brief insight to Red Badger from the perspective of a student undergoing work experience.

Leadership,Opinion Cain Ullah

Alignment. The secret sauce to Scaling Excellence.

Scaling a company can be a bumpy ride but there are some key things you must do to ensure you can scale without reducing the quality or value provided to your clients or customers. Alignment is a critical part of your transformation as you scale.

Opinion Greg Dorward

Accessibility: Five steps to start now

Thursday the 18th of May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. As part of our effort to promote this event, we’ve put together five steps that anyone involved in web development can take to make the internet a more inclusive environment for all. This guide is by no means exhaustive, but can be treated as a starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about the subject.

Opinion Nathalie Goepel

Becoming a marketing rockstar, part 1

In the last couple of years OMR has become one of the top events in the digital marketing sector by attracting the industry professionals with top international star speakers and a lot of rock. 
The first day consisted of an Expo with 200 exhibitors, masterclasses, guided tours as well as a large stage with lectures on Influencer, Content, SEO marketing and much more. The second day was all about the conference - the heart and soul of OMR. The whole stage setting was inspired by a rock concert. Over 5000 seats and a huge lighted up stage including a bar on the left reserved for influencer of the industry. I’ve took part for the first time and summarised the highlights for you below.