Opinion Andrea Moore

Don't get mad, get even. My view on diversity and inclusion.

In response to a story about Cern distancing themselves from Professor Alessandro’s comments about gender bias in Physics, I’ve found myself writing about my relationship with Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through my career from Architectural Technician to Chief Marketing Officer. And how, unfortunately, we have to make ‘a thing’ out of diversity/women in tech/stem/inclusivity/bame and more for them to get the focus required to change the ratio.

Technology,Opinion Cain Ullah

Mobile Metamorphosis

In a world where consumer demand changes as fast as the direction of the wind, building native applications for proprietary platforms is too expensive and too slow to deliver a great customer experience. Enter React Native.

Opinion,Badger Life Nathalie Goepel

Why Red Badger is promoting web accessibility and why we need your help.

Accessibility is a subject close to our hearts and we think we can’t shout enough about this so often ignored topic. So last Thursday, on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we concentrated all our forces on raising awareness for this important subject.

Find out why we believe it’s important, what we did and why we think businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Opinion Jen Speirs

Plastic is not fantastic

In January 2018, on a holiday in Thailand, my husband and I saw the terrible effect plastic waste is having on our oceans and beaches. We decided to give up disposable plastic for lent; from eating, to shopping, to cleaning and everything in between, we tried to cut out all plastic waste from our lives. Here’s how we got on.

Opinion,Badger Life Andrea Moore

There’s no (P) I in Team. But there is a me.

Ever thought about using a psychometric test to help with a team building day? We used Predictive Index to help the Brand, Sales and Marketing team at Red Badger get to know each other better and discover the over arching strengths and weaknesses of the team as a whole.

Technology,Opinion Viktor Charypar

The end of the cloud: A truly serverless web

A new breed of peer to peer web technologies like IPFS and Blockchains is coming, that has the potential to change the internet as we know it and make the cloud and servers in general the thing of the past. But how does it all work and how can you benefit from it?

Badger Life,Opinion Tom Barwick

Interning at Red Badger

Four months into my second internship with Red Badger, I’m here to give you my opinion about what it’s really like to work here. Daily life, social experiences and free holidays. There’s a lot going on at Red Badger.

Opinion,Badger Life Tian Gan

A week at Red Badger

A brief insight to Red Badger from the perspective of a student undergoing work experience.