Delivery,Process Joe Dollar-Smirnov

Cross-functional or Dysfunctional

When it comes to delivering digital products, expertise in UCD (User Centred Design) and an understanding of how digital design works across channels and devices (as well as development) is essential. Many organisations struggle to get this team set up right. But when it’s done well, your customers are looked after, retention and acquisition increases and profit goes up.

Strategy,Process Andy Wicks

Enter The Matrix - Lean Prioritisation

Prioritisation is a necessary evil of every product development lifecycle. Deciding what to build, where to focus limited resources and what customers segments to target are questions that face every organisation on a day to day basis. So with this being the case, why is it that companies do it so badly?

UX & Design,Process Sari Griffiths

Cross-functional teams without UXD

You can’t really call it a cross-functional team if there isn’t UX and Design in it to deliver your product. But we see so many times we get a request to take out UXD from our team structure. Sound reasonable to you? Let me explain why they are not.

Process Roisi Proven

The Less Safe Dad - Acronyms in Agile

If I said to you I know about less safe dad, the place where your brain would go probably isn’t toward project management. Technically, if I was being completely correct I would say LeSS SAFe DAD. Sort of looks more like a cry for help created from newspaper cuttings than ways of working.

Process Roisi Proven

Do I really have to stand? An agile glossary

As we work with larger and more complex companies, we become the people to introduce Agile ways of working into an organisation. However, when you’ve worked using Agile for a decade or more, as many of us have, you often assume some knowledge that people don’t have. With that in mind, we decided to put together a glossary of Agile terms, so you know why we randomly ask you to stand up every day at the same time!

Process Roisi Proven

Practical vs Theoretical Agile Coaching

The other day, the following tweet was shared by a friend of mine:It put into words something that I’ve been struggling with for a while. As a Project Manager, I am always focused on the practical elements of the work I am doing. However, because Red Badger is a full-service agency, I also act as something more approaching an Agile coach. 

Process Roisi Proven

What can we do with all this history?

In Kanban, behaviour changing data is key. We will visualise absolutely everything we do, and track it diligently. We do this so that we can use real-world examples to enable us to give accurate, tangible forecasts for our projects, and identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies so we can continuously improve.

Process Toqir Khalid

Characteristic of a good product owner

Typically on most Agile projects, the success (or failure) of a project can heavily depend on how good (or bad) the product owner is and how committed they are. Good Agile teams that consistently deliver the right thing at the right time, and with quality in mind.

Process Leila Firouz

Knowing the elephant: mobbing way

Once upon a time, six blind men went to find out what an elephant is.The first man touched the legs of the elephant and thought, an elephant is like a big pillar or a tree with strong skin. The second man touched the tail and came to the conclusion that an elephant is like a rope with a brush at the end and it can move right and left very easily in air. Well, I won’t bore you with what the rest thought as I’m sure you can sort of imagine.

Process Roisi Proven

The horrors of enterprise software

When working on any large project, 3rd parties are inevitable. We have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, from two-man startups to internationally recognised names.

Process Olga Loyev

Relay runners and dance revolutions

This week I’m in Antwerp, Belgium for a 2 day Lean Change Agent workshop with Jason Little. Day 1 just ended and I’m exhausted. But in that great my-brain-is-buzzing-with-new-ideas-and-information kind of way. Since my brain is way too excited to let me fall asleep, I thought I’d share just a few interesting bits from the workshop today that got me thinking.

Process Cain Ullah

Five Ways to Become More Agile

For many businesses the principal barriers to customer driven business agility are speed and risk. Speed – because change happens so fast these days its hard to keep up. And risk – because of the concern that the costs associated with getting something wrong could outweigh the benefits of getting it right.

Process David Wynne

A history of Lean in 10 books

The term “lean” is thrown around a lot in the software world these days. It's the new agile. In reality, most people don't really understand what is meant by lean, or at least what was meant by the those who pioneered the movement.