UX & Design Clementine Brown

Circular is the new straight

We've seen a massive increase in the number of disruptive technologies emerging over the past few years. New tools, new tech and a new workforce have all fuelled this - we're no longer designing for a single, lonely user, but for an array of globally interconnected people. 

As this scale changes, so must our design.

UX & Design Sasha Ward

Hats off to you developers

This time 3 months ago (give or take) I didn't have much of an understanding of how to code. I’d been working with digital products for two years by then but my background in product/industrial design meant that I had been focussed on creating models with my hands, using physical materials to visualise and prototype my designs rather than delving into software and programming. 

UX & Design Sinem Erdemli

Designing a talkative hockey puck

VUI is new territory for both developers and designers. Developers are ramping up their skills to make machines take inputs and make sense of them better, while designers work on making the interaction less mechanic

UX & Design Clementine Brown

From Stick Man to Star Man – a sketching guide for Design Thinking

As sketching is often seen as an extension of writing and speaking, of course there is going to be some anxiety if you believe you are unfamiliar with, or unpracticed in, the language you are being asked to use. One solution to overcome this is to offer a simple and unified language in which to sketch: Sketch Thinking.

UX & Design Andreas Conradi

Mapping, questioning and validating assumptions at project kick-off

Red Badger is prototyping a series of play cards to help solve sticky challenges with inspiration from Lean, Agile and Coaching. Our research has shown that the toughest challenges for design consultants may not be in design or tech. In the following articles we are going to share our latest thinking with you. 

UX & Design,Process Sari Griffiths

Cross-functional teams without UXD

You can’t really call it a cross-functional team if there isn’t UX and Design in it to deliver your product. But we see so many times we get a request to take out UXD from our team structure. Sound reasonable to you? Let me explain why they are not.

UX & Design Sinem Erdemli

Putting context in user stories with Jobs to Be Done

The Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) Framework is a powerful tool to understand customer context and innovate for success. In a market place full of distracted, unpredictable humans innovating takes more than knowing your customer demographics, you need to get into their heads and be prepared for the use of your product within the context of your customers’ lives.

UX & Design Sam Griffiths

A new brand in five days

We have just released phase one of our new site – and it’s dressed in the brand we have been developing over the past couple of months. So how can I justify that title…? Well, I’d like to tell you a bit about how we have approached this project, and how the key decisions were reached in five intense, challenging and rewarding days.

UX & Design Sam Griffiths

Branding a castle for a weekend

This year for Red Badger’s sixth birthday we stayed at Schloss Beesenstedt, a castle 45 minutes from Leipzig in Germany. We had our Company Day, setting the direction of travel for the next 12 months - and then we had a party. It was a magical and stunning setting. It was amazing.

UX & Design Sasha Ward

Lean UX workshop with Jeff Gothelf – my top takeaways

Last month I enjoyed a trip down to Brighton for a day long workshop with the author of Lean UX, Jeff Gothelf. UX enthusiasts from across the UK and some from as far as Sweden came down to the south of England to learn more about Lean, UX and all things in-between. I’m going to run through my top takeaways from the workshop and explain how they can be applied within your product teams.

UX & Design Sari Griffiths

Good design is accessible: top tips

But, but... accessibility makes design less creative…? Well, no. Good design is inherently accessible. I’m going to take you through why it is so, purely from a visual design perspective.