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UX & Design Sasha Ward

Information Architecture in 2018

The role of an IA has changed over time, with its popularity decreasing and the broader title of user experience (UX) increasing. Whilst still being a specialist role, it is more frequently seen as part of a broad set of skills that are used by product and UX designers.

Badger Life,UX & Design Sari Griffiths

Launching Red Badger Design School

What is the Red Badger Design School and why have we launched it? To create an opportunity for all of our teams to develop their design thinking, regardless of their role. We believe this helps our cross-functional teams deliver better results for our clients and we love doing it. See the pictures here.

Badger Life Tim Banks

Futurists, Technologists & Mixologists: Our office warming party

On October 19th, Red Badger hosted its first get-together in the new digs. Celebrated with friends, old colleagues, clients and industry-innovators, we proudly reflected on our accomplishments as a company these past 7 years. We also gained an insight into what the next 7 might look like..