12 November 2015

Ten Year Anniversary for World Usability Day

Red Badger's UX Director Joe will be talking about the benefits of User-Centered Design

Reed Business Information own brands like New Scientist, Farmers Weekly, digital data analysis / dashboard products across many industries (aviation, banking, energy, property, HR, and lots more). They asked Joe to talk at their upcoming events on World Usability Day.

In many industries, UX is still a bit of a mysterious art - no one is quite sure if they have to do something different or if they secretly know how to UX and don’t know that’s what it’s called…

Joe will talk to the business about:

This years World Usability Day (12 November) celebrates its 10 year anniversary and encourages industry professionals to come together to share and discuss the benefits of User Experience and Design in life and business. Red Badger UX Director, Joe, will be talking at RBI RBI (Business intelligence leaders and owners of information solutions including publications New Scientist and Elsevier). He will be discussing the benefits of taking a user centred approach to business and sharing his own experiences of working with large organisations over the past 15 years.

Date: 12.11.2015 Location: outside of London

Ten Year Anniversary for World Usability Day