07 July 2016 - 06 July 2016

Cain speaks at “The Take Off”

New technologies continue to transform and reshape travelling. Learn how bold technology can bring the travel industry to the next level

Come along and join our CEO Cain Ullah for his talk from 10.00 -10.30 am this Thursday. Find out how you can bring your ideas and skills to live and reinvent travelling? This is your chance to ask big questions and solve the biggest problems the travel industry is facing.

Developers, designers and entrepreneurs are coming together for a two day hackathon to solve some of the travel industries biggest challenges.

Sign up now for free and join the hackathon Slack team to find out more information on the event. Even though no coding will be done before the event ideas will already start flowing. So all hackers are invited to join the Slack channel to start sharing ideas, create teams and get excited about the event!

When: Thursday 7th July, 10:00 – 10:30am

Where: White Loft

Cain speaks at “The Take Off”