28 January 2017

UX Design Bootcamp

Join our brilliant Chief Experience Officer Joe and discover what UX is, why we use it and what daily activitites UX designers undertake

Companies are no longer differentiated on just price or even offering, but also on the experience of interacting with their various touch points, including the non-digital ones. For businesses, this means that they can no longer afford to ignore the experience their digital platforms offer, and they are now turning to the practitioners of User Experience Design to help them stay competitive and on brand.

The User Experience discipline is a complex and extended group of practices, skills and activities. To help you understand the role of UX better, Red Badger's Chief Experience Officer Joe will help you discover what UX is, why we use it and give you an overview of the activities undertaken by UX designers.

When: Saturday, 28 January from 10am - 5pm

Where: GA London

UX Design Bootcamp