30 October 2018

We Love Engineering At Scale

Join us for our next We Love Tech event at Red Badger!

How do you sustainably grow an engineering cohort from 10s to 100s of people? 100s to 1000s? How do you measure success and identify room for improvements? This event will focus on sharing experiences, lessons and thoughts about developing, building and scaling engineering teams and capabilities within an organisation. There will be talks by three speakers, followed by joint panel-style Q&A, with an opportunity to network.

We are excited to announce our speakers for the evening:

  • Greg Stewart, Head of Engineering - Pizza Hut

  • Sam White, Tech Lead - Red Badger

  • Joe Paice, Tech Director - Red Badger

When: Tuesday 30th October - 18:00 - 21:00

Where: Red Badger

For tickets click HERE

We Love Engineering At Scale