27 April 2021

Skills Matter LDN Virtual Talks Apr 2021 [Red Badger Takeover]

The Rust London User Group is happy to announce our second takeover event of 2021. These meetups will serve as a showcase for a particular dev team or company building with Rust.



News and announcements

Speaker: Pedro Martin - Rusty Azure

Pedro Martin discusses his experience working on a UK Government project where his team extended an unofficial Azure SDK for Rust — and is now being backed by Microsoft!

Speaker: David Laban - Monitoring Temperature (with Too Many Bluetooth Thermometers)

David Laban shares a personal project to connect Bluetooth temperature sensors to Grafana using Raspberry Pis, and an exploration of Rust Bluetooth Libraries.

Speaker: Graeme Coupar - Cynic: rusty graphql

Graeme Coupar shares the story of how he came to write a new Rust GraphQL client library, the evolution of its API, and how it’s being used in a national chicken restaurant chain.

Speaker: Stuart Harris - Wasmcloud, a next-gen platform in Rust and WASM

Building and managing distributed systems with microservices today is fraught with complexity and hidden cost. We look at how platforms are evolving, wasmcloud as a next generation platform, and the part that Rust and Webassembly have to play in blurring the distinction between the cloud and the edge. We’ll get our hands dirty and build a wasmcloud cluster on a couple of Raspberry Pi machines, and walk through running some example workloads written in Rust.

Skills Matter LDN Virtual Talks Apr 2021 [Red Badger Takeover]