20 April 2022

#WeLoveTech - We Love NATS

This engaging Badger event will discuss the next generation of cloud connectivity, focusing on the evolution of NATS. We don’t often talk about a specific technology. However, NATS needs its own event due to the scale of its impact.

NATS offers an opportunity for financial blue chips to replace generations of monolithic infrastructure with modern distributed systems that are better suited to the number of hyper-connected moving parts required for today’s digital products and platforms. NATS is designed with the goal of acting as a single, multi-paradigm, global connective substrate for an organisation–or even the whole planet. It is a key enabler for building the next generation of cloud platforms.

Join us and our friends from Synadia, Form3 and FLEETCOR as we explore this simple yet powerful technology and the implications of its deployment in modern distributed systems.

This event was filmed live at our Red Badger HQ in London and streamed live on 20th April 2022 and attended by over 100 delegates.

#WeLoveTech - We Love NATS