06 July 2022

Is the future of digital loyalty point-less?

Explore whether the future of loyalty is point-less from top industry experts and be part of a live vote at the end of the session to see whether the future is point-based or point-less.

Established brands are under pressure to keep their loyal customers.

Disruptive new entrants are creating deep connections through meaningful engagement with wrap-around experiences that foster enduring relationships. Brands need to respond quickly and re-calibrate their concept of customer loyalty

A number of fundamental questions need answers and this panel debate will explore them:

➤ Will point-based loyalty schemes evolve or will loyalty schemes as we know them become extinct?

➤ Is paid loyalty the answer to improving brand affinity and increasing spend?

➤ Could future share price and valuations depend on your loyalty model?

Customers still seek a deep relationship with the brands they love and this will accelerate with Gen Z as they become the most significant buyer group in the next 5 years. In turn, brands need to create mutually beneficial value, the question is how?

Is the future of digital loyalty point-less?