Senior Android Engineer

Senior Engineer - Android Specialist - We are on the hunt for senior engineers with strong experience in the Android platform to join our amazing teams, help us grow our engineering capability in the native Android app development, and help our clients bring innovative products and services to market through nimble and robust ways of working.

On top of app development, this role includes an opportunity to help us establish an engineering capability, teach our engineers the best practices of building native software for the Android platform and help them build a new specialism.

We expect senior engineers to be able to work across the stack. Not just apps, but also backend APIs, data, infrastructure along with automated testing, continuous integration, delivery and deployment. Our teams often own all of these aspects to take a story from the backlog and ship it all the way to production and in front of our clients customers.

You are always learning. If you have gaps in any of the above, we will help you get up to speed. If you have a drive to learn new tech, we will support you to do so.

You need practical experience and strong background in:

  • Java/Kotlin, Android SDKs. Kotlin experience a plus.
  • React Native and its relative strengths and weaknesses compared to the platform SDKs
  • Understanding of developing trends and emerging standards in mobile apps and the wider device ecosystem
  • Wear OS and Android TV a plus

You should be interested in the tech we currently gravitate towards:

  • Web Frontend - JS, Typescript, React
  • Backend - Node.js, Rust, Go
  • Data - PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Infrastructure - AWS, GCP, Firebase, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloudwatch, Datadog
  • CI/CD - Buildkite, Circle CI, GitOps

We believe in a culture of aligned autonomy. We strive to create an environment where teams are focused and aligned around a problem and individuals are enabled to do their best work while collaborating with their talented team.


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How to Apply

If you'd like to know more or you want to apply please get in touch with your CV, Stackoverflow profile, Github, code, portfolio and anything else you think we might be interested in.

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