Keep pace with agile ways of working

Becoming an agile blue chip is about getting ultra-close to your end user, staying there, constantly bringing them value, and never building a thing that’s not trained on that aim.

Are you continually iterating and improving?

Today’s most successful organisations continually iterate and improve. Digital native businesses (those founded in the internet era with a digital business model – think Airbnb, Spotify, and Uber) all use agile ways of working. These organisations stay intimately connected to their customers while successfully scaling agile practices that continuously evolve their products. 

If your blue chip business isn’t making continuous iteration a priority – and keeping customers at the heart – you’re likely losing ground to those who are. 

What is agile, anyway?

What do we mean by agile and continuous iteration? At Red Badger, unlike competitors who blindly strive towards certified methods ascribed in Lean and Agile literature, we have the practical experience to apply it to blue chip contexts and fit an imperfect world where reality never matches theory. We call it ‘The Badger Way’.

Coaches and gurus aren’t our thing. We prefer action over theory. Our practice and impact lies in applying the universal principles that move the needle for businesses and customers, putting those into motion to create results, learning as we go.

First up, let’s look at what lean means to us. At its heart, it’s all about reducing waste.

Lean is a way of working that seeks the most efficient route to success. It says: “Remove everything that gets in the way of achieving your outcome. If it’s not contributing, cut it, or find a better way.”

Meanwhile, agility is centred in remaining very close to the end user and only building things that are valuable to them. If you’re writing a line of code that doesn’t eventually bring value to your customer, something’s wrong.

Red Badger brings lean and agile ways of working together to operate in a way that keeps waste to an absolute minimum, generates maximum business value, and delights customers.


It’s time to move with the times. 

This way of working comes naturally to businesses like Spotify and Airbnb. They’re born agile – there are no legacy waterfall approaches to tackle and no outdated mindsets to challenge. Agile is how they roll, and they’ve become great at it. But it doesn’t come so naturally to blue chips. 

Business giants are at risk of losing out to nimbler startups and scale-ups – if they don’t adopt the proven practices that drive their success.

After more than a decade of designing and building wildly successful digital products at the core of the world’s blue chips, Red Badger knows how established organisations benefit from becoming agile. And we know how to get them there.

It’s not an easy process. There are always constraints and complexities to be uncovered. It’s through working with those that we find each business’s unique path to continuous iteration – and sustainable, long-term success. 

To help you pick up the pace, we’ve put our heads together to pinpoint the most meaningful benefits continuous iteration brings, as well as insider insights on how to make the move. 

All set to start moving at speed, spurred on by Red Badger’s teams?