Find your direction, with a relentless focus on outcomes

Discover the greatest outcomes of being radically outcomes-driven, plus Red Badger’s insider insights on how to get focused.

When you hold a bold vision, great things happen.

Clarity and commitment beats wishing it were true. And wishful thinking leads to many product failures.

When you have a core business intent, a plan to make it happen, and a customer experience through which to execute it, you’re set up for success – especially in today’s always-surprising, ever-churning marketplace.

If you want to win today, you need to know where you’re headed.

Your North Star lights the way.

A North Star is your organisation’s leading-indicator metric – the one that powers your success. When you drive towards this chief aim, everything else flows.

As an example, Facebook’s North Star is Monthly Active Users, ie: attention. It’s at the heart of their business model – more people spending more time on the platform means more ad revenue. So everything Facebook’s people do is trained towards increasing attention. 

Your North Star prevents you from deviating from the right path. It ensures you don’t get lost down side roads and stuck in dead ends. It gives you a way to quantify your success and track your progress. It underpins your business model. And it keeps everyone on mission.

Do you know your North Star?

Aligning on a singular outcome drives success. A North Star provides universal clarity, preventing you from getting lost amongst clashing opinions, conflicting priorities, and localised ambitions.

Your North Star will help you find radical focus and true alignment. If you don’t yet know yours – and if it’s not part of your business’s everyday conversations and decision making – it’s time to get clear on it. 

When all your people are on the same page, everyone takes aligned action and focuses on the crucial actions that drive value. The route to constant innovation and improvement is opened up, giving you a clear sense of direction. All that leads to outstanding outcomes – for your customers and your bottom line. 

Holding to a vision isn’t always easy, but it brings massive benefits. Discover the greatest outcomes of being radically outcomes-driven, plus Red Badger’s insider insights on how to get focused. 

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