Range of devices showing BMW virtual museum

BMW Virtual Museum: The shortcut between you and the museum

The challenge

The BMW Museum in Munich, Germany was opened in 1973 as one of the first brand museums. Displayed over 5,000 square metres of exhibition space are around 125 of the brand’s most precious and appealing cars, motorcycles and engines.

The Museum is a living building, comprising many innovative and immersive exhibitions that exude BMW’s passion for technical innovation. BMW wanted to live that brand through the museum’s web presence, and turned to Red Badger to discover how.

The BMW Museum Virtual Tour is a great way for visitors to immerse themselves in what the museum has to offer

Dr. Rodepeter
Director, BMW Museum


Focusing on the museum’s unique Karl Schwanzer architectural design, as much a spectacle as the exhibits it houses, our 3D artists recreated the building along with some of its most iconic content. Using the latest HTML5 technologies and custom sound design, we brought the 3D model alive, allowing users to explore and experience the exhibit space.

Using the companion iPhone, iPad and Android apps we created, visitors are able to retrieve the itinerary they created on the website to enhance their experience as they navigate around the museum.A wide-shot black and white CG render of a car in a museum surrounded by ribbons of light

Business benefits

By providing a joined-up experience across web, mobile and the museum itself, a visitor’s journey is supported from start to finish, enhancing what is already a unique experience.

Providing greater insight to the museum’s contents and experience than ever before, BMW believes more visitors will be encouraged to enjoy what has long been one of Munich’s most popular highlights.

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