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Camden Market’s new digital platform designed and built in ten weeks

We put Londoners at the heart of the project and the website. The results are already speaking for themselves and within just four days of the launch, the bounce rate has dropped by 18% and average session duration increased by 53%.
Lily Walsh
Lily Walsh
Product Owner, Market Tech


  • New London Users
  • Mobile traffic
  • User increase week on week

Let’s make things better.Digitally engaging Londoners to entice them back to the city’s fourth biggest attraction

As the fourth most-visited tourist attraction in London, with around 500,000 people traversing the stalls and shops every week, Camden Market is a sightseer’s heaven. Property development company, Market Tech, who own the area, have a strong belief in the on-going value of Camden Market in the community and in London as a world-leading city.

Market Tech came to us for help in discerning the complex digital needs of the market; especially as the incumbent online offering was underperforming. Having bought Camden Market in 2014, Market Tech had aims to improve footfall to the market and traffic to the website from Londoners, and, in particular, to remind Londoners that the market isn’t just the reserve of tourists.

Our challenge was to help Market Tech understand how they could achieve their business aims through the redevelopment of the Camden Market website.

Do the right thing. Do the thing right.Creating solutions by collaborating


Our fully integrated team began by framing Market Tech’s aims and aligning them with the purpose of the site, via a series of User Experience and Design workshops. Working with Market Tech’s team, it was decided that the focus would be on a content-driven site.

Close quarters efficiencies were created by building a team which was based in one location, with communication across the whole project. Within three weeks of changing to this arrangement, productivity increased by over 100%.

Having designers and developers sat next to each other meant that queries could be solved swiftly. For example, a bug fix or design tweak could be delivered within a working day, rather than waiting for off-shore teams to come online and pick up the ticket, which would take up to four days.

Switching from using an online project management tool to using a physical Kanban board on the wall of the office, spurred conversations within the team and kept everyone up-to-date with changes in real-time. Transparency, as well as a shared understanding of project progress and working practices of the team, are hugely valuable in a tight delivery schedule.

Despite the tight deadline for the website build, the team were able to stick to their usual working day. Even better, the backlog was completed not only on time but a day in advance. We also reached an increase of 650% throughput, in the last week before launch.

Having a co-located, cross-functional team also dramatically reduced the lead time for a user-facing feature; from a high of 25 working days to an average of seven working days, from request to go-live.

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Finding the right tech for the job

We used cutting-edge web technologies including React, Redux, and Flow, to build a site which utilised stateless functional components, meaning it could be implemented faster and adapted more easily.

A pre-built CMS was chosen to reduce development time. With a beautifully simple interface, gave the content editors preview functionality without requiring additional hosting, allowed grouping of edits to schedule a release with more than one change and was flexible within the suite of technologies.

Separating business logic from the user interface via stateless components, and the combination of bleeding edge technologies, meant both could be best designed for their own users and not compromise for each other. The code underlying the site was easier to maintain and less prone to bugs.

Choosing the right tech and handling each component separately allowed for the build of many features and complex functionalities which were created in just ten weeks. This also meant components could be updated and altered without having to suspend the whole site.

Creating lasting change.Increasing website traffic from Londoners

Working collaboratively and focusing on designing a site for Londoners, we created a new platform for one of the city’s most iconic markets; translating a deep cultural heritage into a successful online experience for a diverse audience.

The new site utilised bleeding-edge technology to create an easy-to-use site that increased users week on week from 10k to 13k (week one vs week two, post go-live date), and almost doubled mobile traffic from 61% to 38%.

Through our collaborative work with Market Tech, the objective of bringing Camden Market back to the attention of Londoners was met with success. In the first month after launch, new users to the website from London rose by 75%. In addition to this, active sessions increased 38% overall, week on week, with organic search generating 38% of total traffic and direct traffic increasing by 98% week on week, generating 37% of total traffic.

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