Freaky Rivet

Freaky Rivet: Creating a kids' activity club with attitude

Red Badger got into the minds of the target audience, completely overhauling the website and creating something they would find engaging. Truly impressive.

Iyas AlQasem

Founder, Freaky Rivet

Freaky Rivet

The project

Creating an online club for kids, by kids, setting itself against the ocean of free content and commercial giants.


Freaky Rivet’s goal is to help kids engage with life – by creating a fun, safe and ad-free online club owned by kids which rewards and motivates them to immerse themselves in a wide range of activities and places.

Freaky Rivet wanted to move from a one-way content website, targeted at parents, to a child focused community and rewards based site.

Sketches of core user journeys

We need to be able to compete in a market dominated by the likes of Moshi Monsters with over 60 million users, but with a very different proposition. We turned to Red Badger in order to have the same quality in our brand experience, so our voice is heard.

Iyas AlQasem, Founder, Freaky Rivet


Red Badger redesigned the user experience and the look and feel of the site to address the primary market, the children and add the community functionality in a fun, immersive, intuitive and quality way, whilst not forgetting about child safety and protection.

Red Badger focused on Freaky Rivet's personality traits – fun, bantering, energetic and quirky, to design a straightforward user experience that appeals to children. This created a strong visual experience that enables children to use the site by themselves.

A daring new look and feel was created based on the Freaky Rivet character illustrated by Rob Flowers combined with elements of playful chaos, including unknown things lurking in nooks and crannies to add a sense of adventure.

Red Badger engaged with me at all key points, using an online Kanban approach to keep the project moving forward even while I was travelling. Working with the team was really easy, and their flexibility was admirable.

Iyas AlQasem, Founder, Freaky Rivet

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Business benefits

Red Badger rapidly created a new child friendly user experience that supports Freaky Rivet's goal of quickly growing a membership base from scratch.

Freaky Rivet now has a look, feel and tone of voice that appeals to children; is more engaging and easy to use, with good initial feedback on the concept.

The re-engineered brand experience is more aligned to the target market, keeps the central and much loved character, and has a high quality feel that will allow Freaky Rivet to stand shoulder to shoulder with existing brands.

The new site will go live in 2014. Meanwhile, visit Freaky Rivet's current site to see if it is a good fit for your family.

User avatar ‘Rivetar’ variations based on Rob Flowers' Freaky Rivet character (left top)

The team

Sari Griffiths
Sari Griffiths


Michel Erler
Michel Erler

Intern Designer