JLT Group: Building platforms for the future

Red Badger help to bring our ideas to life

Ian Cohen



The project

We reviewed existing enterprise architecture, making recommendations for both the immediate improvement and a change for the future.


JLT are an international group of Risk Specialists and Employee Benefits Consultants, and one of the largest companies of its type in the world.

Always looking to improve the service they offer to their customers, JLT commissioned a major update to an important product and wanted us to help ensure that the new platform would offer the long-term success they desired.


Our consultants worked closely with JLT staff and partners to ensure a complete understanding of both the business requirements and the technical challenges that lay ahead.

Leaning on years of industry experience, we were able to propose an architectural strategy that encompassed short, medium and long-term goals, and which would be understood by the business and technical delivery partners alike.

Business benefits

With our insight and support JLT were able to successfully move forward with their new platform and system integrations, confident they would scale and continue to perform as their business grows.