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The Concept Lab: Rapid Prototyping tomorrow’s digital media products

Red Badger helped us to innovate, rapidly proving new ideas with cutting edge tech.

Lee Wilkinson

Director of Digital Product Strategy, News International

News International

The project

How we helped News International to prove digital media product ideas through rapid prototyping in their concept lab.

The challenge

News International’s digital product strategy department wanted to explore new ways of working to be able to quickly explore new concepts, quickly prove or disprove they work and then build on the concepts that they liked.

Their main objective was to be able to deliver new digital products for The Sun newspaper across multiple devices to reach a wider audience with The Sun’s content.

To achieve their goals they set up a lab style environment to explore building new digital products specialising in entertainment and sport.

The thinking

We moved into an 8 week rapid prototyping process in a lab environment which was sandboxed to avoid outside influences. Combining a team of News International journalists and editors, digital strategy experts from Fluxx and creative and technical expertise from Red Badger, an integrated team was mobilised to quickly deliver product.

Implementing lean startup principles over the next 8 weeks, we would rapidly explore concepts through workshops, design them, build them, user test them, learn and then iterate. The objective would be to provide two robust prototypes and a plan for which they could be put forward to the Business for consideration.

The results

In just 8 weeks, three robust and scalable products were designed and developed using innovative technology, integrating to live press association feeds, providing real-time dynamic content and working across multiple devices including desktop and tablet.

The integrated team and the iterative delivery method allowed the team to be adaptable to change, collaborating closely to produce new designs and implementing them quickly as usability testing produced its results.

The lab environment was a resounding success and The Sun online approved two of the products to be scheduled for full product development by their internal teams.

Red Badger allowed us to deliver very usable, robust, digital products in a very short space of time. They are fast and agile in delivery, are flexible with their use of new tech and very creative. Using their rapid prototyping model, they help you to explore new concepts, prove or disprove them really quickly and then continue to innovate.

Lee Wilkinson, Director of digital product strategy, News International

The tech

The team

Stuart Harris
Stuart Harris


Sari Griffiths
Sari Griffiths


Stephen Fulljames
Stephen Fulljames

User Interface Developer

Colm Brophy
Colm Brophy

User Experience Designer