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Helping Sky customers help themselves, with a refreshed customer service website

Red Badger are recognised leaders in Agile/Lean methodologies so they could immediately start working and deliver results alongside our internal team.
David Crawford
David Crawford
Head of Software Engineering, Sky


  • Tripled the number of issues resolved through online self help journey
  • Doubled the customers serviced by the advanced diagnostics capability
  • Serviced half a million customers to date
  • 50% Drop in customers pushing the 'need more help' button

Let’s make things better.Delivering exceptional intuitive customer service

Sky are continuously focused on providing customers the services they want and need. It’s part of a simple, two-pronged attack: Sky seeks to improve what it has, and provide what it doesn’t have already. As part of this, Sky found that there was a higher demand for online self-help services as customers’ own digital skills grow.

As such, Sky was determined to enhance the use of their online self-help tools for in-home diagnostics, allowing issues to be resolved quicker. Taking this, Sky set out to enable customers to troubleshoot problems for themselves, particularly during times of widespread issues. This, in order to help prevent the helpline being overwhelmed with calls for the same problem.

Do the right thing. Do the thing right.Empowering customers to help themselves

With a clear message of achieving customer empowerment, our onsite team at Red Badger got to work. The team focused on improving the online help and support experience by enabling customers to find content, resolve issues, navigate available services, and set up their Sky equipment correctly.

Sky was already a leader in the use of agile methodologies and lean ways of working, and were determined to work with a partner that would help them to advance these skills. To complement their established structures, augmented by Sky’s UX/Design resources, we brought in an integrated team of UX, design, and technology to deliver rapidly. Bleeding edge software was utilised to revamp the site and give it the modernisation it needed.

Project in mind?

Through the use of clustered articles, customers are now able to find what they need when they need it. Additionally, the help section was bolstered to handle spikes in activity; saving customers from having to reach for the phone. So, when the football match starts glitching, the Sky team can make sure that the solution is up on the site, or if one is still being found, can put a pop up on the page to reassure customers are that they are working to find the solution needed.

Screenshot of Sky Help and Support page

Creating lasting change.Quick delivery with more to come

In just five months, we delivered four major pieces of customer-facing functionality. Focused initially on in-home advanced diagnostics, the first customer facing delivery was made in less than three weeks, leaving room to implement further customer feedback.

The new diagnostic platform has had a huge effect. It tripled the number of issues resolved through the online self-help journey, it doubled the customers serviced by the advanced diagnostics, and it’s serviced half a million customers to date.

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