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Red Badger and Adyen partner to evolve seamless payments...

Red Badger and Adyen have joined forces on a mission to transform blue-chips into true digital product organisations, allowing millions of customers worldwide to benefit from an ever-evolving product and seamless customer experience.

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"Our deep partnership with Adyen enables the transformation of payment experiences across retail, hospitality, and marketplaces. Adyen's seamless integration simplifies the deployment of new customer journeys, offering a versatile, all-in-one solution for payment processing, risk management, and revenue optimisation. With Adyen, our clients gain the flexibility to innovate continuously, with extensive payment methods, multiple currencies, and unmatched transparency, reliability, and scalability. Together, we rapidly deploy compelling new value to customers."

The future of payments

Creating compelling customer experiences

Red Badger has a strategic partnership with Adyen, the global financial technology platform of choice for leading businesses. Together we support customer-centric businesses to innovate and continuously evolve their customer propositions.

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The future of platforms

Embed payments on your platform or marketplace

Red Badger has partnered with Adyen for Platforms to help platform-first business unlock new revenue streams, increase customer lifetime value, and accelerate global expansion.

Adyen for Platforms
Red Badger Nandos Digital Loyalty

Enhancing Nando's loyalty programme: the UK's first digital rewards scheme

A cross-functional team designed and built a UK first mobile NFC loyalty card and fundamentally changed the way customers engage with the brand across physical and digital channels.

Transforming blue-chips into true digital product organisations

Advancements in the payments landscape are continuous.

By 2024, digital wallets are predicted to become the most popular online payment method globally, and the FIS FINTECH 2030 predicts they could make credit cards fully digital within the next decade.

Stay ahead of your competition with reliable fully integrated payments that continuously evolve their value to customers.

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‘The most critical metric is how long it takes for an innovative idea to reach a customer. If it takes months, how can you compete with an organisation that delivers in days?’
Adrian Cockcroft
VP of Cloud Architecture Strategy at Amazon Web Services

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