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Modernise on Progressive Cloud Native Platforms

Revolutionise your cloud computing experience with Civo’s lightning-fast Kubernetes platform and secure, modern scale-to-zero offerings. Designed and deployed with Red Badger’s digital platforms expertise.

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"We are proud to champion modern, sustainable approaches with Civo. Their cutting-edge cloud platform is a perfect match for secure, fast, safe and flexible environments for advanced digital applications. Together, we deliver powerful, scalable cloud environments that enable innovation and offer huge advantages in cost and simplicity."

A Truly Developer-Friendly Experience

Meet Civo: Reimagining Cloud Computing

Civo is a cloud services and infrastructure provider revolutionising the industry with its emphasis on speed, simplicity, and transparent pricing. Founded to address the complexities and costs associated with traditional cloud services, Civo offers a streamlined and accessible platform, especially for Kubernetes-powered cloud services. With cluster launch times under 90 seconds and starting at just $5 a month, Civo is designed to provide an efficient and developer-friendly experience.

Civo are at the forefront of next generation environments, including scale-to-zero with WebAssembly (WASM) and Fermyon Spin, for carbon neutral GPU. We believe the future of radically simplified, cheaper, faster, more scalable and safer compute is available today.

Civo’s mission is to simplify cloud computing for developers and businesses of all sizes. Their offerings include managed Kubernetes, compute instances, machine learning environments, and private cloud solutions, all designed to be powerful yet easy to use. By providing a platform that is both high-performance and cost-effective, Civo enables organisations to focus on innovation without being bogged down by infrastructure management​.

 Modern Development Personified

Inside Civo’s Advanced Cloud Platform

Civo’s platform includes a range of features tailored to meet the needs of modern developers and businesses:

8-Jun-26-2024-11-06-05-7078-AMManaged Kubernetes
Fast, simplified Kubernetes deployments with cluster launch times under 90 seconds. Civo’s managed Kubernetes service includes a free control plane and no egress fees, providing a cost-effective solution for scalable application hosting​
7-Jun-26-2024-11-06-05-6834-AMCompute Instances
 High-performance virtual machines powered by Kubernetes, offering multi-region support, DDoS protection, and flexible billing options. These instances can be launched in under 60 seconds, making them ideal for rapid development and testing​ 
9-Jun-26-2024-11-06-05-7085-AMMachine Learning Environments
Fully managed, auto-scaling environments for machine learning, designed to eliminate the need for Kubernetes or ML expertise. These environments start at $250 per month and are equipped with the latest GPU technology for high-performance computing
10-Jun-26-2024-11-06-05-6960-AMCivoStack Enterprise

An enterprise-ready software stack, CivoStack Enterprise is a truly future-proofed, modern private cloud solution that runs on your own hardware. Built by Civo from the ground up, with rock-solid reliability, security, and massive scalability in mind

Unified Financial Expertise

A Perfect Partnership for Cloud Innovation

Red Badger’s advanced digital platforms capabilities forged by designing production platforms for critical customer systems at big banks (JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Santander), global media (FT, BBC, Sky, NewsUK, Reach) and leading brands (Fortnum's, Selfridges, Nando's, Levi's, British Council, OVO) perfectly complements Civo’s advanced cloud solutions.

Red Badger specialises in helping companies become agile, customer-centric digital product organisations. This requires designing, building, deploying and embedding flexible, safe and scalable platforms. Our deep understanding of digital product and platform development, UX/UI design, continuous pipelines and continuous innovation ensures Civo’s platform offers a seamless environment on which to deploy and optimise your most valuable digital products.

Continuous Innovation:
Red Badger’s digital platform expertise to create modern, progressive, safe and scalable platforms on Civo.
Accelerated time-to-impact:
Whether migrating existing workloads, designing new platforms, or modernising entire stacks, we start small and scale fast.
Cloud Native Expertise:
Leveraging Red Badger's extensive experience in cloud native approaches to the biggest, most complex requirements.
Green Engineering:
Take advantage of the radical simplification available to revolutionise the sustainability of enterprise and high-compute workloads.
'‘At Red Badger, we believe in the power of technology to create meaningful change. Our passion lies in developing progressive, sustainable solutions for high-impact areas. We use the best technologies, approaches and teams to unlock the most pressing business opportunities. It is heartening to know that radical simplification and better approaches have substantial advantages in costs and environmental impact."

David Wynne, CEO, Red Badger

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