Badger Partnerships:

Unlocking the power of digital content with Contentful

Red Badger has announced a partnership with Contentful, the leading composable content platform for digital-first business

”We are delighted to announce this partnership with Contentful, bolstering our capabilities and giving us the ability to manage content across multiple platforms. We are already realising the benefits of the partnership with a number of our clients, adding additional value through its robust, composable platform”

Composable commerce and the future of retail

Reframing retail for the modern consumer

With unparalleled choice and digital access, today’s consumers are more informed and more selective with their dollars. This is forcing retailers to go beyond the product and create exceptional buying experiences to gain and retain customer loyalty.

But the game has changed for retailers. Just a decade ago, brands could get by with a static digital storefront and marketing promotions timed with internal content calendars. Today, consumers expect omnichannel shopping experiences that are consistent and convenient across their preferred devices. They expect these experiences to be tailored to their shopping behaviors and preferences, without entering the realm of creepy or intrusive. And they expect all this to be available exactly when they want it.

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10 critical questions to ask when selecting a CMS

Most companies look for a new content solution when they start hitting the limits of their current CMS or it’s no longer supported. When this occurs, smart business leaders know to start looking for solutions that eliminate pain points and scale with their business.

Replatforming to maintain the status quo isn’t enough — growing brands need technology that supports and accelerates digital experience delivery and helps to acquire, engage and retain customers, partners and suppliers.

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