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Bold New Banking Depends on Advanced Cores.

Transform your ability to deploy compelling financial products and experiences with Tuum’s state-of-the-art core banking platform and Red Badger’s digital product expertise.

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"Tuum’s advanced core banking platform brings years of learning from building digital banks to anyone who needs to move quickly. With a custom built, cloud-native core they quickly stand up a range of products on a flexible, composable platform. With the core components of a secure, always-on banking architecture readily available, we help financial institutions not only modernise their operations but create innovative products to meet the evolving needs of their customers. This collaboration is set to make a significant impact, driving digital transformation and setting new benchmarks in banking excellence."

Modernising Financial Systems

Meet Tuum: a Modern Core Banking Platform 

Tuum is a pioneering provider of next-generation core banking platforms designed to help financial institutions modernise and transform their operations. Founded in 2019, Tuum has rapidly grown to become a trusted partner for banks and fintech companies across Europe and beyond. Their mission is to set financial institutions free from outdated legacy systems, enabling them to lower maintenance costs, increase operational efficiency, and quickly adapt to the digital world.

Tuum's platform is built with a modular architecture that allows banks to select and rapidly implement the functionality needed. This flexibility, combined with their cloud-native and API-first design, ensures rapid deployment and seamless integration with existing systems. Tuum’s clients range from innovative fintech startups to large multinational banks, all benefiting from the platform’s ability to support multiple business lines from a single, cohesive system.

Flexible Banking Solutions

Inside Tuum’s Advanced Core Banking Modules

Tuum’s core banking platform offers a comprehensive suite of modules designed to cover all essential banking functions:

Core Banking
Manages different account types, transaction processing, and currency exchange. It includes flexible pricing models and supports multi-currency accounts, allowing banks to offer differentiated products and services easily. 
Facilitates initiation and validation of payments, including SEPA, SWIFT, and local payment rules. It incorporates automated payment processing and settlement through various payment service providers.
Supports the entire loan lifecycle, from application to contract management. It allows banks to configure different loan products, interest calculation methods, and manage debt and collateral.
Enables the issuance and management of debit and credit cards, including custom pricing and transaction processing. It integrates seamlessly with Tuum’s core banking module and other core systems via APIs.
Unified Financial Expertise

Red Badger and Tuum: A Perfect Partnership for Digital Banking

Red Badger’s digital transformation expertise perfectly complements Tuum’s advanced core banking platform. Together, they provide a fast, dependable, high quality approach enabling financial institutions to innovate for growth in the digital age.

Red Badger’s proficiency in agile product engineering, and product UX/UI design, coupled to deep practical delivery experience ensures Tuum’s platform is implemented efficiently and delivers exceptional user experiences. By leveraging Red Badger’s skills in integration and strategic planning, banks can smoothly transition from legacy systems to Tuum’s modern infrastructure, and innovators can move quickly.

Tuum WhitepaperKey collaboration benefits include:
  • Seamless Integration: Ensuring Tuum’s modular platform integrates effortlessly with existing systems.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Utilising Red Badger’s design expertise to create intuitive and compelling digital banking experiences.
  • Agile Deployment: Accelerating the time-to-market for new financial products and services.
  • Comprehensive Support: Providing end-to-end support from initial planning to continuous optimisation.

Together, Red Badger and Tuum offer a powerful combination of technological innovation and digital transformation expertise, helping financial institutions stay competitive and customer-focused in an ever-evolving market.

'‘At Red Badger, we believe in the power of technology to create meaningful change. Our passion lies in developing solutions that not only push the boundaries of innovation but also promote the greater good. We're dedicated to leveraging our expertise to tackle some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges, making technology a catalyst for a better tomorrow."

David Wynne, CEO, Red Badger

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