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Revolutionise Retail Engagement with Data-Driven Solutions

Unlock customer insights and drive engagement with Voyado’s innovative platform and Red Badger’s ambitious digital delivery expertise.

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"Voyado bring a cutting-edge customer engagement platform with a rich set of capabilities for wraparound 360° engagement. Together, we can rapidly create and deploy compelling, personalised customer experiences that enhance engagement and cement loyalty. Our collaboration redefines how retail brands can connect with their customers."

Revolutionary AI-powered Loyalty

Meet Voyado: Transforming Retail Customer Engagement

Voyado is a leading SaaS company dedicated to helping retail brands build strong, lasting relationships with their customers. Founded in 2005 in Norrköping, Sweden, Voyado has grown to empower over 300 retail brands worldwide with its flagship product, Engage, and its e-commerce product discovery engine, Elevate. These platforms drive tailored customer experiences through AI-powered insights and campaign automation, making personalised communication and tailored experiences the new standard in retail.

Voyado’s mission is to change how businesses connect with their audience by turning every interaction into an unforgettable experience. With a focus on combining customer data across multiple touchpoints, Voyado provides a comprehensive 360° view of each customer, enabling brands to deliver highly personalised and relevant marketing​ 

Next Generation Retail Engagement Platform

Inside Voyado’s Advanced Customer Engagement Platform

Voyado’s platform offers a robust suite of features designed to maximise customer engagement and loyalty:

Untitled design (7)-1Customer Data Platform (CDP)
Collects and unifies customer data from multiple sources to create a comprehensive view of each customer. This enables brands to personalise every interaction and make data-driven marketing decisions​
11-Jun-26-2024-01-13-56-2974-PMMarketing Automation:
 Automate marketing activities across email, SMS, social media, and more. Tailor messages to individual customer behaviours and preferences, enhancing engagement and conversion rates
Untitled design (6)-3Loyalty Programs:
Develop and manage tiered loyalty programs to encourage repeat business and deepen customer relationships. Voyado’s loyalty features help brands retain customers and increase lifetime value​
12-Jun-26-2024-01-13-56-3384-PMProduct Recommendations and Merchandising:
Enhance the shopping experience with AI-powered product recommendations and automated merchandising, ensuring customers find what they need quickly and efficiently​ 
Advanced Retail Customer Experience

Red Badger and Voyado: A Perfect Partnership for Total Retail Experience

Red Badger’s high ambition digital expertise perfectly complements Voyado’s advanced customer engagement solutions. Together, we provide retail brands with the tools and support needed to create engaging, data-driven customer experiences. Red Badger are specialists in in lean, agile, and flexible customer-centric digital approaches, building flagship experiences for global brands..

Our approach uses the best modern technologies to drive innovation and meet evolving customer needs. With a deep understanding of customer experience, product design, product engineering and complex delivery, Red Badger ensures the Voyado platform is implemented and integrated seamlessly, maximising the value to clients and their customers.

  Enhanced Customer Experience
Utilising Red Badger’s digital product development and UX design expertise to create intuitive and engaging user experience on Voyado’s platform.
  Rapid Implementation
Start small and accelerate fast to take full advantage of Voyado’s solutions with Red Badger’s lean and agile ways of working.
  Digital Loyalty Expertise
Leveraging Red Badger's extensive experience in creating and managing effective digital loyalty programs with bespoke digital platforms.
'‘At Red Badger, we believe all businesses are digital product business, whether they realise it or not. Customers expect a seamless, wraparound experience at every interaction and the brands that deliver it win. Our selected partners are the world's best enablers of compelling experiences."

David Wynne, CEO, Red Badger

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