Georgia Cosslett

Senior Delivery Lead


After studying Politics at university, I started my career in Marketing. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the digital side of things and never looked back. I soon realised that I was fascinated by what could be achieved through technology and that I had a knack for managing projects. I love that every day I can learn about interesting, innovative ideas and then help people make these a reality.

Signature skills

Communication, multi-tasking and list making. Out of office skills include elaborate cake construction, murder mystery watching and being a qualified fitness instructor.

Achievements at Red Badger

My journey at Red Badger has just begun so I'm looking forward to everything the future brings. Mainly the (hopefully) historic dodgeball victories.

The thing that changed me

Completing the 2017 London Marathon. It taught me that seemingly monumental tasks become achievable if you break them down enough. Equally if I can get to the finish, surely anything is possible.

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