Hannah Day

Executive Assistant to Founders


After two degrees (one in History of Art and the other in Theatre, TV and Film Production) I got into PA work. Being ever resourceful (a skill that's definitely useful when PA/EA-ing) I put the skills I had learned to use and have assisted CEOs and entrepreneurs alike, across a wide range of sectors, from theatre production to nutrition to private radiotherapy to pet food, amongst others. There's a lot I could tell you about what goes into cheap dog food, but I don't think you'd want to hear it...

Signature skills

Organisation, quick thinking, problem solving, event creation, fashion styling, copy writing

The thing that changed me

I didn't have a very good time at the first University I went to but the second one was where I came into my own. Being part of a team to produce a piece of theatre, TV and film built my confidence and gave me a voice and taught me communication, multi tasking, problem solving, thinking creatively and handling difficult personalities - perfect foundations for Executive Assistant work

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