Jimmy Muldoon

Director of Insights

Leadership, Insights

I know how many beans make five beans, and that seven beans are more than three beans. After finishing my PhD (Chemistry), I stumbled in to a job analysing promotional activity for Reckitt Benckiser. This led to jobs at Allianz and Sky, where I started to specialise in web analytics. For the last four years I've been heading up the UK office of a digital consultancy, eCapacity. I'm passionate about data and how to solve problems by telling data stories. I'm a firm believer in optimisation, testing and failing.

Signature skills

Analysis, problem solving, experiment design, presenting, breaking down silos.

Achievements at Red Badger

I've only just started but I'm looking forward to building a team and helping the team deliver amazing insights to current and future clients.

The thing that changed me

Reading 'A Brief History of Time' for the first time, made me think that no matter how complicated things may seem, they can be understood and explained.

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