Joe Dollar-Smirnov

Chief Experience Officer

Leadership, UX & Design

I cut my teeth in the industry by designing and coding games, cd-roms and websites. I've worked with both small and large teams to design and deliver tools and applications for startups and global brands alike, including Ford, Nike and Unilever. As Chief Experience Officer, my focus is on flying the flag for great user experience at Red Badger, for our clients and their customers. I love learning new things, speaking at conferences and teaching at bootcamps and courses.

Signature skills

Playing Silent Night on the harmonica, Jingle Bells on the piano and Bat out of Hell on the drums.

Achievements at Red Badger

Co-founder of the Red Badger Pub Quiz and currently top of the leaderboard for number of times anyone has slept in the office.

The thing that changed me

Becoming a Dad changed me.

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