John Godfrey

Commercial Director


I have spent my career helping organisations adopt better technology and ways of working. I started at the Bank of England in the Big Bang and have been in ‘digital’ since before the term was coined. I enjoy working with executive teams to align objectives and design ways to be successful, the barriers faced are rarely the ones people think of first. I believe the rising stars of digital (Airbnb, Uber, Spotify etc.) have redefined whole industries and they illuminate how traditional businesses can respond to the digital revolution.

Signature skills

Stakeholder alignment, business case development, building coalitions, problem solving, dissolving organisational silos, all to deploy technology that gets value into the hands of customers.

Achievements at Red Badger

The project I am most proud of is being a co-founder of the Red Badger Impact coalition, Mission Beyond, and the work we are doing to improve social mobility.

The thing that changed me

I chair a Multi Academy Trust of state schools and see the life-transforming power of inclusive education up close every day.

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