Mike Altendorf

Non-executive Director

Leadership, Strategy

Over 20 years’ experience in helping companies leverage technology to deliver tangible business benefit. As the co-founder and CEO of one of the UK’s first digital consultancies, I like to think I was ahead of the curve when it came to understanding the power of the connected infrastructure to drive business decision-making. I work hard to try and stay at the forefront of digital revolution, advising clients on how to drive real business benefit from the next generation of digital change – a hyper connected, data driven environment in which insight becomes the key commodity.

Signature skills

Digital strategy and visioning, change, growth advisor, lover of the finer things in life - food, wine and travel, skiing, golfing, driving nice cars.

Achievements at Red Badger

I have been involved in the Red Badger story from the start and am proud to have been at the helm of the company that brought the three co-founders together in the first place. Best left to them to say whether I have been more help than hindrance since then.

The thing that changed me

Too many to mention but summiting on Kilimanjaro for Heller this year certainly gave me a new perspective on the world, and driving digital transformation for Anthony Nolan a leukemia charity.

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