Robbie McCorkell

Tech Lead


After training in Physics at university, I discovered a love for programming and jumped ship to the tech startup world. I cut my teeth as a developer across the full stack and learned to work closely with designers, testers, managers and marketing alike, to create the best products I could. At Red Badger, I’ve combined my skills with our agile philosophy to help our clients work more like agile startups. I'm always looking to learn the best coding practices from my peers and the community, and share them with whoever will listen.

Signature skills

Full stack development, explaining techie things, coffee drinking.

Achievements at Red Badger

Speaking at WebExpo, Prague, Codemotion, Milan, and both speaking and hosting a React meetup a few times.

The thing that changed me

Living in New Zealand for a year with just a bag of hand luggage and a guitar.

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