Valentina Soricaro

Finance & Payroll Officer


I started as the Office Manager at Red Badger back in 2014 when there were only ten employees at the HQ, taking care of the office and of the lovely people inhabiting it. As the years passed, I slowly moved towards the finance side of things, taking charge of all the accounts payable tasks. I’m now studying to become a Payroll Manager. Exciting times ahead.

Signature skills

Admin, office management, finance, accounts payable, payroll, team work, social value, open mindedness, positivity.

Achievements at Red Badger

Going back to studying at 34 years old to make a positive career change is a great highlight in my life at the moment.

The thing that changed me

Having a band is an amazing experience that brings you to places. You end up meeting tonnes of amazing people and playing in front of big crowds where you end up crying like a baby for the strong emotions that you are feeling.

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