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Find your North Star

Do you have a single metric for all to follow?

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What is it?

A North Star is a single, shining metric that everyone in your business believes in and works towards.

Your North Star is always focused on the core value you deliver for your customers. It gives you a way to quantify your success and track your progress. It underpins your business model. And it helps keep everyone on mission. In this session, we’ll help you find yours.

Who is this for?

Cross-functional team leads – Product, Tech, Design, Delivery, Marketing and Business.

What will you learn?

  • Alight on a simple, impactful way of measuring what matters most 
  • Find out how to align your people, with absolute clarity
  • Get a bold way to boost accountability for your product with data

Who'll run it?

A Product Director / Insights Director.

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