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Are microservices giving you a headache?

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What is it?

Service Mesh is an approach to orchestrating microservices and managing their networking at scale.
When designed and deployed well, it helps you solve some of the major challenges of complex system architectures – things like service discovery, security, traffic management, and observability.

Once you’re running a microservices architecture, you know you’ll face requirements in the future such as rapid scaling and extending with new features to meet business needs. With each microservice able to evolve independently, it is highly likely your architecture will look very different a year after launch.

Running reliably and safely at-scale gets increasingly difficult as more services are added, with service connectivity, cross-cutting concerns, security, and load-balancing all impacting a distributed system

Who is this for?

Learning about Service Mesh benefits CTOs, engineers, architects and technical product leads, especially in large-scale environments, who want to:

  • Add business value instead of connecting services
  • Gain visibility so problems are easier to recognise and diagnose
  • Develop highly resilient systems that route around issues
  • Secure and optimize service communications.

    If you run a growing Kubernetes / container solution, find out about the benefits of a Service Mesh by meeting those that have designed, built and deployed them.

What will you learn?

  • Learn what Service Mesh is
  • Discover how to benefit by cutting complexity and improving efficiency
  • Know where to start with Service Mesh in your organisation

Who'll run it?

Technical Directors and Technical Principals

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