Our principles.
This is what we believe – and what the founders say after a couple of pints
  • 01

    A team of leaders.

    We trust our people, giving them the autonomy to make the right decisions.
  • 02

    Strong opinions, weakly held.

    This is about having a point of view, speaking up, being decisive and authoritative – without being dogmatic or belligerent.
  • 03

    Always learning.

    We quickly get to something we can test and iterate on. We’re also all looking to learn and grow in what we do.
  • 04

    Do stuff that matters.

    We’re focused. We prioritise. We work on things that will make a difference. We don’t do fluff. It’s also about doing work that is fulfilling.
  • 05

    Work smarter.

    We look for ways to be faster, smarter, more efficient and effective. But we don’t do long hours, we respect each other’s time.
  • 06

    Tell it like it is.

    We’re honest, approachable and down-to-earth. We don’t sell, or spin. This is also about good communication, making sure we have a shared understanding.
  • 07

    It’s about people.

    We’re empathetic. We put people at the centre. We’re driven by user value, user-centered design and accessibility. We encourage mutual respect, growth and development.
  • 08

    Give a monkey’s. Don’t be a jackass.

    We care about what we do and we care about each other. We’re humble. No egos.

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Answers to common questions


    • What do Red Badger do?

      We’re a digital consultancy, that help large blue chip clients with digital transformation. This means we help them to be more customer centric; to be bold with technology; to drive out waste through lean and agile processes, and to help to build lasting change by developing internal capability.

    • What sets Red Badger apart from competitors?

      We’re a full service organisation taking clients all the way from strategy to delivery: providing multi-disciplinary teams that can pivot easily from developing ideas, to building products that go straight into customers’ hands.

      We are not a sales driven organisation, we’re focused on quality and value in our service which always results in repeat business.

    • How would you describe the Red Badger culture and its people?

      The badger’s are friendly, collaborative and care a lot about what they do. We hire super smart practitioners, but also focus on ensuring we foster personable, empowered teams that are able to work autonomously.


    • What technology can you use?

      Red Badger are tech agnostic, always evolving and working with cutting edge technology. For instance, we are at the forefront of the React community in London and were one of the first adopters of node in the UK. But we’re not wedded to only playing with new toys and always ensure we choose the right solution for the job. If this means .NET or java, then we do that too. If you want to find out more, please click <a rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" href="/services/technology">here</a>.

    • What makes a successful project?

      A successful project is when value is put into customers hands and you provide those customers with a delightful experience. Until product reaches customers, a project only holds unrealised value potential.

    • What do you do to ensure the quality of delivery?

      We employ the best people and provide the appropriate leadership to foster a culture of excellence across the board. From validating customer demands, to how we report on productivity and our engineering practises: we’re meticulous when it comes to quality in everything we do.


    • How much will my project cost?

      This is totally dependent on your requirements, but Red Badger’s value is in the total cost of ownership, i.e we have proven time and again that we always deliver and speed projects to market so total costs always end up being less than using a competitor whose day-rate might be cheaper, but would take longer.

    • How long will my project take?

      Obviously all projects are completely different, a further discussion would be needed to ascertain a time-line but Red Badger are known for their speed to market. We can always advise on a rough time-scale once we’ve had an initial brief and will be able to forecast in more accuracy once this phase is complete.

    • Do you offer discounted rates for charities?

      We have a social value committee that will consider all proposals for charities but be aware we get a lot of these through and can only pick a limited number to work on per year.