17 September 2014

Time to React: Join us for London React User Group September Meetup

Red Badger will be hosting the third London React user group meetup on Wednesday 17th September.

Join us for the next meetup to continue discussions and exchange ideas on React.

The user group meetup is being hosted by Red Badger at our Old Street offices – 12 Mallow Street, London, EC1Y 8RQ on Wednesday 17th September.

There will be beers and pizza from 18:30 then we will move onto talks and discussions:

Red Badger co-founder Stuart Harris will kick off the evening with the "Introduction to React" talk he gave to the Ember meetup on 11th September.

Fellow Badger Robbie McCorkell will then talk to us about Firebase, a real-time syncing cloud backend service. We will look at how React’s one way data flow can be complemented by Firebase’s API to create live, collaborative web applications quickly and easily. We will also look at Firebase’s ReactFire mixin, which aims to further reduce the need for boilerplate code when working with React.

Our final presenter is Brad Shuttleworth, Tech Lead at MOO. MOO is migrating its complex editing tools from Flash to HTML5, powered by React. Brad will talk about the process, the tech and the outcomes, and might even do a live demo of the beta. Subjects include complex designs, immutability and performance.

Time to React: Join us for London React User Group September Meetup