19 March 2015

Speaker Boutique: Incentivising beyond carrot and stick

Hear Red Badger Co-founder and CEO Cain Ullah speak about tailoring incentives at the Speaker Boutique

The Supper Club, Thursday, 19 March 2015, 14:30 to 17:30

Come along to the Speaker Boutique Supper Club to hear Red Badger Co-founder and CEO, Cain Ullah, add to the discussion on incentives in the workplace.

Join us at the second Speaker Boutique of the year to hear three seasoned entrepreneurs share their stories around motivating teams, celebrating talent and driving higher performance. The topics covered will include how to empower a team to buy into a company's values, and how to incentivise a team beyond financial motivation.


Reginald Larry-Cole, Founder, Wheels4Sure

Reginald will be discussing how he empowers his team to buy into the company’s mission and values as a way to incentivise and engage them.

Cain Ullah, Co-founder & CEO, Red Badger

Cain will be talking about his experiences of implementing Dan Pink’s concepts of autonomy, mastery and purpose into his team, collective intelligence and why you should always tailor incentives.

Adrian Lomas, Founder, Blueleaf

Adrian will be speaking about his experiences of hiring staff for their skill vs their culture as well as sharing different ways he incentivises his team.

Speaker Boutique: Incentivising beyond carrot and stick