14 September 2016

The Multiple Personality Conundrum

Join our Chief Experience Office Joe Dollar-Smirnov who will be speaking at HCID Open Day 2016

The HCID Open Day 2016 is a free conference where Industry and Academia will explore where HCI came from, the current state of affairs, and what challenges lay ahead. This year’s theme is ‘The Past, Present and Future of HCI’.

Come along and listen to Joe’s talk "The Multiple Personality Conundrum":

In today’s connected world we are the custodians of multiple digital personalities which our physical selves attempt to control. This is getting more difficult as systems become more complex, autonomous and interconnected. It is possible to be in numerous places at the same time, expressing different views, statuses, happenings and updates. What does the future look like for our digital selves and how do we as designers ensure our physical selves remain in control?

When: Wednesday, 14 September 2016 from 18:00 to 23:30 (BST)

Where: City University London

The Multiple Personality Conundrum