31 May 2018

We Love Accessibility

Join us for our next We Love meetup focussing on accessibility

Our speakers for the evening all specialise in accessibility within their business' and have made it their mission to ensure this understanding is shared throughout business units and disciplines. We'll be welcoming James Hopkins from Fanduel, discussing 'Why semantic HTML is important for accessibility', Froso Ellina from Red Badger talking 'Why Age isn't just a Number' and Matteo Belfiore from The Dots Global will be doing a Lightning Talk on 'A button is a button is a button'.

When Age Isn't Just a Number - Froso Ellina, Red Badger Designers instead of seeing ageing as a problem need to imagine themselves as older citizens and redesign many aspects of society. Designing for an aging population no longer means only thinking about safety. We need to design innovative solutions to help older people participate in workplaces, interact with digital products, get around the city, and convince a youth-centered society that they still have a lot to offer. here it is!

Why Semantic HTML Is Important For Accessibility - James Hopkins, Fanduel. (More details to follow)

A button is a button is a button - Matteo Belfiore, The Dots Global Doing justice to the most essential UI element: how to be faithful to design embracing semantic HTML and accessibility.

When: Thursday 31st May - 18:30 - 21:00

Where: Red Badger

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We Love Accessibility