Cain Ullah

Founder and Board Member


Cain is co-founder and Board member of Red Badger, an independent digital product and innovation consultancy helping large companies succeed with digital transformation. Red Badger has partnered with businesses including Tesco, HSBC, Sky, Financial Times, BBC, BMW, Fortnum & Mason, Santander, Nando’s and MHRA. Badgers empower their clients to deliver high-quality digital products, working together to build internal capabilities. Cain’s focus on scaling quality and fostering cultures of belonging has been integral to Red Badger’s success. At every step, Cain puts people first, building tight-knit teams and nurturing individual careers. He wants Red Badger to be a place where people come to improve themselves and thrive, professionally and personally. Cain has also set up Mission Beyond, a start-up focused on social impact. Cain is passionate about equality, diversity and belonging. He believes that, as an industry leader, it’s his responsibility to raise awareness about these important issues and share the learnings he’s gathered from creating an increasingly inclusive, people-first culture at Red Badger. He regularly publishes and speaks on these topics. Cain is also a proud father and husband. A self-confessed vinyl and book enthusiast, Cain refuels with music and reading.

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