Sari Griffiths

Director of People and Culture


I love creating a product that looks great and works a treat. I have a background in branding and bookbinding, so have a tendency to go on about brand visions and telling stories. I love working in cross functional and autonomous teams and can be a bit geeky about the process. Before joining Red Badger, I worked with clients such as Orange, T-Mobile and Sony. I enjoy karaoke and dancing - especially the gaming kind, and baking cakes.

Signature skills

Branding, design delivery process.

Achievements at Red Badger

Working on Fortnum & Mason, the Financial Times, BBC, BMW and Red Badger’s badger.

The thing that changed me

My father put me in front of the sledge and after going down the hill a few times, he said “try it by yourself - do exactly in the same way”. I sat on the front of the sledge where I sat before, the sledge promptly flipped over me, and I went down the hill superman style. Lesson learnt: don’t just do what you were told - understand how it really works.

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